A Healthy Admaston . . . Inside and Out
As owners of the building we all notice the cosmetic changes but tend not to notice the changes to the fabric of the building. Listed here are improvements made to the building since it became a condominium approximately 15 years ago.

The entire facade wa given a steam cleaning, pointing, structural steel damge was corrected and terra cotta pieces were replaced when necessary. The facade is checked periodically and any deterioration is corrected on a five year schedule as required by New York City law. The original wooden frame windows were replaced with new metal frame windows. The stained glass windows in the halls wre replaced by new stained glass metal frame windows. Every effort was made to duplicate the original stained glass.

Not only are apartments renovated but we constantly upgrade the main elements of The Admaston. Elevators, boilers and many other important are just a few.


The old roof was stripped down to the quarry tiles and a new roof installed. Paving stones were installed and a high iron fence was erected to create space for a roof garden. A gardening company was retained to design, install and maintain the roof garden with shrubs and seasonal plantings and to maintain the automatic watering system. The roof garden was furnished with 'disposable' furniture. After extensive investigation the Board decided the wood or metal furniture was very expensive. So the decision was made to go with inexpensive plastic furniture that could be thrown out when it was unusable.

The passenger's elevator was renovated and refurbished. The entire building was redecorated including new light fixtures, painting lobbies and halls, new mail boxes. new cabinetry and radiator covers in the lobby. The floor in the outer lobby was replaced with the present stone. The lobby and hall floors were cleaned and polished. A special buffing machine was purchased to better maintain these floors. The missing decorative pipe on the two stone structures outside the building was replaced with iron pipes.

The old galvinized hot and cold water riser lines (up and down lines that carry water from the water tanks to each unit) were removed and replaced with brass pipes. The plumbing vent lines (air lines connected to the waste lines) were cleaned of many years of accumulated rust and debris. A circulating hot water system was installed to provide 'instant' hot water to each unit. A large section of the basement floor was dug up and a large waste leading to the sewer was replaced. The gas pipe system was refitted with cut-offs so that each apartment line could be turned off individually so that the entire building would not have to be shut down in case of a problem, The plumbing in the basement was reconfigured so that the different stoes now must provide their own hot water — the building heater provides water for the partments only.

The Basement
The walls and floors were painted and maintained in good condition with periodic touch-ups. The boiler has been modernized and is periodicall checked and upgraded. Extraneous plumbing and electrical wiring was removed to simplify the systems. A room was designated as a storage room and individual storage bins were installed.

A state-of-the-art intercom system that works through the telephone lines was installed. The gate from the sidewalk to the back court was provided with a security lock and intercom system. security cameras showing various areas of the building were installed with a monitor on the doormen's desk.

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